Monday, 5 December 2011

Formal Colour Theory

UK visual artist Liam Gillick's use of colour and form is nothing short of wonderful. He has recently collaborated with Fashion label/store Pringle of Scotland to create a popup store at the Art Basel show in Miami, for which Liam created this beautiful table? stand? sculpture.

Liam Gillick's work for Pringle of Scotland popup store at Art Basel Miami 2011
Gillick also created some great patterns for the Pringle of Scotland Spring/Summer 2012 collection:
Liam Gillick for fashion label Pringle of Scotland

Here are some of Gillick's other works

Gillick's work reminds me very much of American artist Donald Judd.

Untitled Donald Judd 1963

Donald Judd Armchair no. 47

Donald Judd at the Tate Modern (untitled 1984)

Donald Judd 1984

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