Friday, 25 May 2012

Visual Basic

Artist Michal Maciej Bartosik created the following light sculpture using simple fluorescent tubs. He brilliantly uses the wiring to create the form of the light structure. Lighting designers...take note!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Take That

Cabinet for Fratelli Boffi by Peitro Ferruccio Laviani

This brilliant creation by designer and architect Pietro Ferruccio Laviani looks like Karim Rashid shot a torpedo through it

I have just discovered Laviani, and feel like he has the answers to all great design. After reading about his distinguished career on his website, it seems as though he does. Having worked with the likes of Memphis and Kartell, Lavini has done it all, however, by the looks of his recent work, it seems as though he is only now entering the "prime time of his life".

shelving for Emmemboli

Table for Emmemboli

Desk for Emmemboli

??? for Emmemboli