Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Montréal portes ouvertes

I took some time on Sunday to visit a few businesses at Portes ouvertes Montréal Design/Design Montreal Open House. This is a unique event in which design businesses open up their offices to the public. I visited an architecture office (Nature Humaine), a graphic/exhibition design office (Atlerier Louis-Cahrles Lasnier) and an interactive motion design company called Moment Factory. What most surprised me was all the IKEA furniture I saw everywhere. I don’t know why, but I somehow expected to see more custom designed desks and light fixtures.

Moment Factory‘s office was beautiful. So much light and open space. They even had skateboards available to get around the huge office quickly. However you can see what I mean about the heavy use of IKEA furnishings in this shot above. I see at least 2 IKEA flower pots and 2 light fixtures. They even had 2 giant PS MASKROS pendants in their main conference room.

In the other offices I visited there we many Ikea hacks. What I mean is modified IKEA furniture used to make cubicals and office dividers, and many many EXPEDIT bookshelves.

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